The Book of the Future

For the foreseeable future, there is one happy inevitability surrounding the legacy of Jimi Hendrix: new releases will add chapters to the story of Hendrix’s imposing work in the wake of this book’s publication.

Beginning with the multi-disc 50th anniversary commemoration of Electric Ladyland released late in 2018 and moving on into the releases of the future, author Frank Moriarty will continue his own work documenting and analyzing the music of Jimi Hendrix. On this page of the Modern Listener Guide: Jimi Hendrix website, modern listeners can tune in for the latest perspective on the ever-growing Jimi Hendrix canon, free and for all to enjoy.
For the full story leading up to these most-recent titles you’ll want to own Modern Listener Guide: Jimi Hendrix, where you’ll discover the colorful life story of Jimi Hendrix fully complemented by a vibrant, in-depth analysis of his music.

January 17, 2019


Coming to this space soon, an in-depth review of the 50th anniversary box set commemorating the 1968 release of Electric Ladyland. The set includes a 5.1-surround […]