October 28, 2022
Jerry Lee Lewis, Frank Moriarty, Jaco Pastorius

RIP, Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis…

From Bad Bob’s Vapors in Memphis, Tennessee to the Lone Star Café in New York City, from dinner theater shows and casinos to theaters and filthy […]
October 27, 2022
Modern Listener Guide: Jimi Hendrix author Frank Moriarty

The Culture of Hendrix

I was recently invited to speak at a State of Delaware cultural event, and what better culture topic could there be than the music of Jimi […]
October 9, 2022
The Who Tanglewood Unofficial

Tangled Up in Tanglewood

Since it’s The Ox’s birthday – The Who’s amazing bass player John Entwistle was born on October 9, 1944 – I was recalling a post I’d […]
October 6, 2022
The debut album, February 1978: Van Halen

The Sound of Ground Breaking

When Edward Van Halen departed this existence two years ago today, the tidal wave of tributes was fully justified. But my own words have been held […]